Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring

Ensuring our patients remain safe during surgery and other medical procedures is extremely important to us. Our team of veterinarians and veterinary technologists are skilled and trained in using anesthesia and patient monitoring. When your pet undergoes any type of anesthesia, a combination of medications are selected by the veterinarian to minimize the risks of undergoing anesthetic, and to keep your pet comfortable. While your pet is sedated or under anesthetic, a trained technologist monitors their vital signs, including their heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and body temperature. While your pet is recovering, they are kept comfortable and warm, and are closely monitored until they are fully awake. We are proud to offer pre-anesthetic blood testing at Eagle Ridge Animal and Bird Hospital. Our in house laboratory can process your pet’s blood work in a matter of minutes on the day of the surgery. Pre-anesthetic blood testing looks at your pet's organ function and can identify hidden health concerns, which allows us to create a safer anesthetic protocol for your pet.

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    General Anesthesia

    For some procedures, your pet will need to be administered general anesthesia so that he or she will be unconscious and not feel pain…

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    Local Anesthesia

    If your pet is having a surgical or diagnostic procedure performed, we sometimes use a local anesthetic to help control pain…