Senior Pet Wellness


Old age is not a disease!

At Eagle Ridge Animal and Bird Hospital, we believe that old age is not a disease, but that senior pets need special care to remain comfortable and healthy. Each species has special concerns as they age, and our veterinarians can help you with these issues when you bring your senior pet in for annual preventative wellness visits.

What are some health conditions that can affect senior pets?

Senior pets are at risk for many of the same health concerns that can affect senior humans: arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney disease, hormone disorders, cognitive dysfunction, and incontinence. We can help you reduce the risk of some of these conditions by selecting an appropriate diet for your aging pet, preventing obesity, providing dental care, and closely monitoring them for early signs of illness. If your pet develops a health condition, your veterinarian can formulate an effective treatment plan to alleviate pain and other symptomsI’d

Regular diagnostic testing is an early detection system for many illnesses

An annual early disease detection diagnostic profile, which can include blood, stool and urine testing, allows us to discover changes in your pet’s condition over time. This will help to identify health concerns quickly, sometimes even before obvious physical signs become apparent.

We look forward to working with you to keep your senior pet happy and healthy well into their golden years.