Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgeries involve any parts of the body that do not include bone, such as the skin and organs.

The most common soft tissue surgeries we perform are lump removals.

Many lumps are benign (not harmful), but may be removed because they restrict movement, are uncomfortable, or are aesthetically unpleasing. Some lumps may not be harmless. If the surgeon suspects the lump is cancerous, your veterinarian may recommend sending it to the laboratory for analysis.

What are some other kinds of soft tissue surgery?

Wound repair and abscess surgeries are also common. After surgery, your pet will usually be prescribed a course of antibiotics to treat infection.

Our hospital also performs a wide range of more specialized surgeries, including bladder stone removal, surgery to the nares (nostrils) and soft palate, cherry eye surgery, splenectomies, adrenalectomies, gallbladder removal, and surgery to the ear canal and urinary tract. Some surgeries may be referred to a board certified specialty surgeon.