• Nov 03 2014

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    November is Senior Health Month at ERABH!

    November is Senior Health Month at ERABH! Do you have pets that are over 7 years of age? For the month of November, we are offering 15% off our senior wellness panel that…

  • Oct 20 2014

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    Trick or Treat?

    We are bringing back our Halloween contest for best costume. Just send us a picture of your furry friend in costume and enter to win one of three prize packages…

  • Jul 10 2014

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  • Jun 01 2014

    All About Fleas!

    Lately you’ve noticed your pet has been scratching and biting a lot. Then, while you’re cuddling with them, you see a tiny creature moving quickly through their fur. Your pet…

  • May 14 2014

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    Eagle Ridge wants to see YOUR cat!

    Pet owners consider their dogs to be companions and their cats to be pets. This is one reason 52 percent of cats haven’t visited the veterinarian in the last year….