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Phoebe Update!

By June 27, 2015 Uncategorized

11216510_955792137823296_3458127894818882344_oHave you been wondering where our clinic cat went? We thought it was time for a Phoebe update courtesy of her new mom, Amanda!

Having Phoebe in our home has been WONDERFUL! We’re still learning new things about her quirks, likes and dislikes. For instance, she’ll meow quite loudly if her water dish isn’t as full as she prefers, she loves breakfast in bed and she joins our dog, Hunter, outside in the back yard on warm days. She loves to sit on the patio chair and soak up the sun with us! Spoiled?! I think so!

She has adopted our spare bedroom as HER bedroom and we’ll often find her sprawled out on the bed laying in the sun. Phoebe likes to spend her time sitting by the window watching people or dogs walk by and it’s always interesting for her when a bird flies by! However, her favourite past time is laying on top of my fiancé Allen. I hate to admit it but Allen is certainly her favourite. When he comes home from work, Phoebe will stand on the couch watching him until he comes over and sits down with her. She’ll happily snooze on Allen’s tummy for hours while he watches hockey games and sports highlights. Sometimes she’ll even try and steal Allen’s cereal right out of his bowl! (Video of this coming soon!)

She loves exploring our house, and she moves around quite easily for a fifteen-year-old kitty and I couldn’t be happier that she has made herself so comfortable in our home. She’s certainly left her nose marks on the windows and her paw prints on our hearts. <3